Fit BMW E46 Electrical Fuel Pump Intank Fuel Pump Assembly 16146766942 Strainer

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Mounts in fuel tank/ intank fuel pump

Complete module assembly

Assembly includes the following parts:   

    Electric Fuel Pump

    Plastic Module



    o-ring sending unit Gasket

Application for
2001-2006 for BMW 330Ci E46
2001-2005 for BMW 330i E46
2001-2005 for BMW 330Xi E46
2001-2006 for BMW 330Ci Conv. E46
2001-2005 for BMW 325i E46
2001-2005 for BMW 325Xi E46
2001-2005 for BMW 325i Wagon E46
2001-2005 for BMW 325Xi Wagon E46
2001-2006 for BMW 325Ci E46
2001-2006 for BMW 325Ci Conv. E46
1999-2000 for BMW 323i E46
2000 for BMW 323Ci E46
2000 for BMW 323Ci Conv. E46
2000 for BMW 323i Wagon E46
1999-2000 for BMW 328i E46
2000 for BMW 328Ci E46

OEM Number or Interchangable Part Number
16146766942,1614 6 766942;16 14 6 766 942
1614 6 766 942;16-14-6-766-942
16146752499;16 14 6 752 499
22822200900,228 222 009 002Z
16 14 6 752 499:16 14 6 752 499
16 11 1 184 084,67896
SP5008M FG0415 1520992
E8416M P76300M


-With high quality our fuel pump can perfect deliver the appropriate amount of fuel and at a high enough pressure to provide the engine adequate fuel in
all conditions.

-Electric pumps generate positive electrical pressure, which inject fuel into the combustion engine. A relay, which is activated by an ignition switch, manages the

higher current that is necessary to increase the fuel pressure.

-Ensure that your car runs smoothly and does not suffer from fuel starvation.

-The fuel pump is running the entire time the engine is running, so replacement becomes more common as mileage increases. 

In-Tank Pump w/Sending Unit

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